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Unemployment in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1977
Bert Nienhuis, Eddy Posthuma de Boer

Elections and the Formation of a New Government 1977
Exhibition: 1978
Han Singels

Other Cultures in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1979/1980
Hans van den Bogaard, Koen Wessing

Women in Motion
Exhibition: 1981
Catrien Ariëns, Bertien van Manen

Election Campaign '81
Exhibition: 1981/1982
Paul Babeliowsky, Jan Everhard, Eduard de Kam

Expansion in Agriculture and Fishing
Exhibition: 1982
Kors van Bennekom, Joost Guntenaar

Broadcasting in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1982/1983
Pieter Boersma, Ed van der Elsken

Church in transformation
Exhibition: 1983/1984
Hans Aarsman, Oscar van Alphen, Harry Meijer

The Young Ones
Exhibition: 1985/1986
Maya Pejic, Han Singels

Computerization in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1986
Michel Pellanders, René de Wit

Life in Post-war Neighbourhoods
Exhibition: 1986/1987
Theo Baart, Cary Markerink

An Eye for Art: the Dutch Art World
Exhibition: 1989-1990
Oscar van Alphen, Ferry André de la Porte, Nick Sinclair

The Dutch Landscape
Exhibition: 1990/1991
André-Pierre Lamoth, Jannes Linders

Recreation in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1991
Theo Bos, Hannes Wallrafen

Corporate Culture in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1992
Reinier Gerritsen, Luuk Kramer

In the Service of the Kingdom
Exhibition: 1992/1993
Werry Crone

Health Care in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1994
Harrie Timmermans, Roel Visser

The Red Dream: One Hundred Years of Social Democracy
Exhibition: 1995
Taco Anema, Bert Verhoeff

A Selective Welcome: Aliens in the Netherlands
Exhibition: 1997
Koen Wessing

Asylum seekers and "white" illegal immigrants
No exhibition. Photographs made in 1998 and 1999 in addition to the photographs from 1995 and 1997.
Koen Wessing

Document the Netherlands: Sundays
Exhibition: 1998
Catrien Ariëns

Document the Netherlands: Seven-year-olds
Exhibition: 1999
Céline M. van Balen

Document the Netherlands: Neighbours - Dutch Faces
Exhibition: 2000
Stephan Vanfleteren

Document the Netherlands: Neighbours - Taming the Sea Monster
Exhibition: 2000
Mark Power

Document the Netherlands: Neighbours - Schöne Grüsse
Exhibition: 2000
Eva Leitolf

Document the Netherlands: Villa Vinex - Bart Sorgedrager photographs Leidsche Rijn
Exhibition: 2001
Bart Sorgedrager

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