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Smeeroliecomplex van Shell Pernis, 1990-1992, fotograaf Kramer

Exhibition: 1992

These pictures show employees posing in their workplace, or the workplaces themselves. The result is a trek past identical desks, behind which interchangeable gentlemen of indeterminable age are seated. In most cases they are bosses of an endless procession of archival clerks, secretary's and guys working in the assembly hall.

Photographing corporate culture is no simple task. It has been described as the sum of the written and (maybe even predominantly) unwritten rules, governing the social interaction between a company's employees and regulating and shaping their contacts with third parties. The larger part of this is invisible.

Both photographers have tried to capture the visible (office design and furnishings) but also the invisible (people's attitudes and manners). Reinier Gerritsen mainly made stylised, carefully staged group portraits. Luuk Kramer chose a documentary, narrative approach.

Reinier Gerritsen
Luuk Kramer

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