1975-2001: Dutch History Photo Commissions

A collection of the Rijksmuseum

Unemployment, elections, asylum seekers, recreation, seven-year-old children and the Royal Family: all these subjects and many more were captured in photographs made over the last 25 years, under the motto: "What happens today will be history tomorrow." Photographs are part of our national memory. Which programmes were on television in 1982? What did young people wear in 1984? What were the major issues during the elections of 1977? Who were the people being treated in hospitals and nursery homes in 1993? You can find the answers to all these questions in the photo collection of the Rijksmuseum's Dutch History Department. The collection currently contains more than 2700 photo’s, 2200 of which, the work of 41 photographers, can be viewed on this website, covering 25 different themes.

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