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Landschap in Nederland, 1988-1990, fotograaf Linders

Exhibition: 1990-1991

Population growth, economic activity and lack of space all helped to shape the Dutch landscape. Photographers André-Pierre Lamoth and Jannes Linders were commissioned to capture these aspects under the title ‘The Dutch Landscape’. Photographs, therefore, not of river landscapes, beaches, dunes, horizons and cloudy skies, but of those other typically Dutch landscapes: efficiently layed out, every corner made use of for activities demanding more and more space such as the building of roads, offices and houses, and recreation.

Lamoth focused on three types of landscape: places that had recently undergone some change, places that were in the process of being changed, and places where substantial developments were due to take place in the near future. Linders pictured natural landscapes showing signs of minor human interventions.

André-Pierre Lamoth
Jannes Linders

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