Thematical overview

History and society

Colonization, war, the House of Orange and the welfare state: important themes in Dutch history.

Art and culture

From Hieronymus Bosch to Peter van Straaten and from popular ballads to poetry: the legacies of Dutch (folk) culture.

  • Visual art

    Painters, sculptors, graphic artists and designers from the 16th century to the present.

  • Arts and crafts

    (Found) objects from sea, city and land.

  • Literature

    A matter of Letters: Dutch poetry and prose.

  • Fashion

    Clothes design as an art.

  • Theatre and music

    From traditional Dutch puppet theatre to the classical compositions of Alphons Diepenbrock.

Geography and environment

The Low Countries at first sight: landscape, nature, archeological findings, urbanization and the inextricable bond with water.

Communication and media

The Netherlands in the media age: the rise of radio, TV, film and other forms of popular culture.

  • Cartoons

    The sharp pen of the political cartoonist.

  • Pop music

    Dutch pop from Anita Meijer to Zuco 103.

  • Advertising

    The art of seduction: advertising brochures, commercials and publicity posters.

  • Film

    The Netherlands in motion.

  • TV and radio

    From 'Open het dorp' to the Simplisties Verbond.