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Atlantic World is the result of a co-operative project between the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The National Library of the Netherlands) in The Hague and the Library of Congress in Washington (DC).

In the Netherlands
Project management, research and texts: Dirk J. Tang
Translation: Nancy Forest-Flier
Digitization: Strata Preservation NV

In the United States of America
John Van Oudenaren, Michael Neubert, Lisa Lee and Eric D. Solsten.

Co-operating institutes
De Artisbibliotheek van de Bibliotheek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Artis Library of the Library of the University of Amsterdam)
Gemeentearchief Amsterdam (The Municipal Archives of Amsterdam)
Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam (Netherlands Maritime Museum Amsterdam)
Nationaal Archief, Den Haag (The National Archives, The Hague)

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