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The occasion for the digitization of this collection of catchpenny prints was the previously mentioned donation of more than 1,000 catchpenny prints in 2007.

'Het moedig moord tooneel by Lypsichs Oorlogs Velden = Théatre de la guerre, présage du malheur', P.J. Brepols en Mindermann en Comp., between 1817-1833.

The dating of catchpenny prints is problematic, because little information is available. Often the only reliable data are the years of activity of the publishers or printers. Thanks to Maurits de Meyer’s work De volks- en kinderprent in de Nederlanden van de 15e tot de 20e eeuw many prints bearing no publisher’s name can be ascribed to a publisher. Sometimes there is a name recorded on the print, but this can also refer to a so-called ‘retailer’. The fact is that it was customary that when the retailer took considerable quantities of the print, his name was printed on it. Whenever this is the case, it has been recorded in the description.
Since 2014 there is an important source of information about catchpenny prints: KVCS (Kinderprenten, volksprenten, centsprenten, schoolprenten: populaire grafiek in de Nederlanden 1650-1950 / Nico Boerma, Aernout Borms, Alfons Thijs, Jo Thijssen).

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