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The largest part of the collection of catchpenny prints, more than 1,000 specimens, has been donated by Aernout Borms and Leny Borms-Koop. They have been collecting these old and rare prints already for many years and have built up great expertise in this field. Mr and Mrs Borms seek to make the catchpenny print more widely known. They are doing this by giving lectures and authoring publications on catchpenny prints.

'Zie hier mijn lieve jeugd een twaalftal tafreelen', Lutkie en Cranenburg, between 1848-1881.

In December 2007 they donated a large part of their collection to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, thus transferring the oldest portion of their collection into the public domain. The rest of the collection consists of a donation of 165 prints by Mr and Mrs Landwehr-Vogels, of smaller donations and a few purchases.

For centuries catchpenny prints served both as books and newspapers for large sections of the population. Many catchpenny prints have disappeared forever; they were ‘used up’ by children and adults. Libraries did not actively collect them, but thanks to private collectors interesting collections have remained accessible for study and research.

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