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Atlas Van Stolk

Atlas van Stolk

With nearly 270,000 images about Dutch history, the Atlas Van Stolk is one of the most important national image collections. The word Atlas does not refer to a book with maps, but is a nineteenth-century term for collection. The founder is Abraham van Stolk. He was a Rotterdam timber merchant with a passion for national history. He collected prints, drawings, photos and posters.

Today the Atlas Van Stolk is a public collection. The collection is still being expanded and supplemented. Cartoons are indispensable for a (critical) image of the Netherlands and form an important part. The oldest in the collection dates from five hundred years ago, the youngest is current and dates from recent times. Leo Jordaan's work can be seen on the Memory website. You will find drawings of other cartoonists in the Atlas Van Stolk database. In total it concerns around 50,000 cartoons.

A small selection has also been made for the Memory website with images from the eighteenth century. They show the political developments and the daily life of that time.

You can also visit the Atlas Van Stolk website, which offers you access to the current databanks.

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Examples from this collection Engravings and drawings from the eighteenth century

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