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We have attempted to trace all copyright holders in collaborations with the rights organisations. If however there are lyrics or melodies pictures on the website to which you think you hold rights, we would like to hear it. We will request all copyright holders for permission for the use of the songs on this website, and, if necessary, said images will be removed from the site.

As for the songs in the Top 30: Buma-Stemra and Musicopy have licensed the inclusion of the concerned broadsides, melodies and musical notation as well as the use of audio files for these songs. All the concerned artists have given permission for the use of the performance of the songs on the website.

We wish to emphasise that the songs that can be listened to on the site may not be downloaded or distributed or copied in any other way.

If you wish to perform and record songs or melodies that have been included on this site, please contact Buma-Stemra [], Musicopy [link:] if you wish to reproduce the melodies, or with Sena [link:] if you wish to make the songs available for listening in your company or on your website.

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