A romantic view. Romanticism in 70 paintings

A collection of the Rademakers Collectie

The Rademakers collection is a private compilation of over a hundred highly romantic paintings from the 19th century. Central theme of the collection is Romanticism in the Low Countries. The Rademakers collection mainly consists of work from Dutch and Belgian masters. Both nationalities are represented. There is a logical historical reason for that: in the beginning of the 19th century both countries were part of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands, a union that lasted from 1815 till 1830.

Winterlandschap met paard en talloze figuren, Johan Klombeck (1815-1893) en Eug. Verboeckhoven (1798-1881), 1863

The Memory shows a selection of 70 paintings from the Rademakers collection. These pieces of art will be exhibited from October 29th 2010 until February 6th 2011 in the exhibition Through the Romanticist’s Eyes in the Hermitage is St Petersburg.

The collection comprises of the first seven decenniums of the 19th century.
The earliest work is from 1806 the last work is of 1870. The center of the collection is formed by works from 1840 till 1855. Almost every genre and specialism that was practiced in the romantic art of the Low Countries is represented. Summer- and winter landscapes, marines, town views, flower and other still lives, nocturnes, portraits and other genre paintings.

Examples from this collection A romantic view. Romanticism in 70 paintings

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