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The Nederlands Fotoarchief collection, now housed in the Nederlands fotomuseum, is accessible by author. The archives of the photographers mentioned above are administrated as one entity. The original inventory numbers have been maintained as far as possible. Thematic groups have been created by means of digital cataloguing and indexing, while the objects themselves (negatives, prints and albums) are stored separately.

The archives of Cas Oorthuys and Ed van Wijk were transferred in 1990 to the nfa, Ed van der Elsken's archive in 1992, and those of Dolf Kruger and Kees Molkenboer in 2000.
A selection was made from the various archives. From the collection, 355 (35-mm and 6x6 cm) negatives by Ed van der Elsken were selected, 334 (6x6 cm and 6x9 cm) negatives by Aart Klein, 530 (6x6 cm and 4x5 inch) negatives by Dolf Kruger, 251 (6x6 cm) negatives by Kees Molkenboer, 83 (6x6 cm) negatives by Cas Oorthuys and 189 (6x6 cm) negatives by Ed van Wijk. The 4x5 inch negatives by Dolf Kruger are subject to acetate deterioration and will at a later date (not as part of this project) be copied onto polyester carriers.

Copyright on the archives rests with the Nederlands Fotoarchief.

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