Liber Amicorum A.L.G. Bosboom-Toussaint, 1882 > Colophon

Regionaal Archief, Alkmaar:
Benita Jansma
Marieke Luchtmeijer
Harry de Raad
Vic Wijnekus

Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag:
Henriƫtte Reerink (project supervisor)

Pictura, Heiloo (digitization)

The Pieter Visser music company, Amsterdam (performance of the music on the leaves of the book)

In 2003, the Liber Amicorum of Mrs Bosboom-Toussaint was selected for preservation under the Metamorfoze programme which entails filming fragile collections and reformatting them to microfilm. The leaves of the book have been scanned for Het Geheugen (The Memory).

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