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Anna Louisa Geertruida Toussaint. Tekening door N. Pieneman, ca. 1840.Anna Louisa Geertruida (her friends called her 'Truitje') Toussaint (1812-1886) was born in Alkmaar. Following a short career as 'school keeper' and governess, she made her debut in 1837 with the novel Almagro. Throughout the following years, she applied herself to the genre of the historical novel. Famous titles are De graaf van Devonshire (1838), Het Huis Lauernesse (1840) and De Delftsche wonderdokter (1870/1871).

Following an unhappy engagement to Bakhuizen van den Brink, editor of the literary periodical De Gids, she married the painter Jan Bosboom in 1851.

Besides historical novels, she also wrote some contemporary novels of manners. The best known is Majoor Frans (1874)which portrayed 'a woman's struggle with herself and the world', as the writer herself put it. The book was translated into English, French, German and Swedish during her lifetime.

In literary manuals, Mrs Bosboom-Toussaint is still looked upon as one of the best 19th century Dutch authors. The website of the Alkmaar Regionaal Archief (search under beeldbank) features more visual material on the writer.

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