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Beeld en Geluid

Nederlands Instituut Beeld en Geluid

The Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid looks after, and releases, 70 per cent of the Dutch audio-visual heritage: in total, around 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film, making Beeld en Geluid one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe. But the institute is more than just a collection. Beeld en Geluid is the business archive of the national broadcasting corporations, a cultural history institute and also a unique media experience for its visitors.

More than a collection
Beeld en Geluid is in charge of collecting and preserving the audio-visual heritage of the Netherlands, making it available to as many users as possible. Beeld en Geluid combines the highest professional standards regarding the release and storage of the material with very easy access for users and public.

Beeld en Geluid looks after the audio-visual history of the Netherlands in around 700,000 hours of archive material, full of world-shattering events, but also everyday moments. These events are preserved for both educational and recreational purposes.

Source of knowledge
The audio-visual media function as a major source of knowledge about how the world develops. Beeld en Geluid is the only central archive in the Netherlands which provides this audio-visual information. Besides functioning as an archive, the institute also has a facility for the general public. Beeld en Geluid’s media experience, based on the media’s role in society and culture, lets the visitor experience the past century in their own way.

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