Broadside ballads > 27. Waar de blanke top der duinen - Where the white tops of the dunes

Waar de blanke top der duinenListen to this song, performed by Mieke Stemerdink (and Jeroen Zijlstra)

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'I love you, my Netherlands' is the best-known line from this song, and an excellent summation of its contents. It was written under the title 'Mijn Nederland' ('My Netherlands') around 1870 by P. Louwerse, with music by R. Hol. On a few occasions, a melody indication was printed above the song. This refers to the song 'Waar der Bergen trotsche gevel / Zich verheft in majesteit' by J.P. Regeer, set to music by Franz Apt.

Various versions of 'Waar de blanke top der duinen' are part of the collection, some of which have variations in the lyric. During World War II, a version appeared bearing the lyric 'Waar de blanke top der duinen, afgezet met prikkeldraad' ('Where the white tops of the dunes are fenced off by barbed wire').

Nowadays the song is known only by the older generations: it is no longer sung in schools.

'Waar de blanke top der duinen' is performed by Mieke Stemerdink and Jeroen Zijlstra, accompanied by Kees Schul on piano.

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