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In an attempt to establish closer contact with large groups of Dutch citizens, the Germans founded Winter Relief the Netherlands (WHN). The organisation's objective was to offer relief and support for 'needy Dutch citizens'. This gesture of 'social involvement' was mainly meant to emphasise the occupier's good intentions.

Outward appearances were desperately aimed at creating the impression that Winter Relief was not a National Socialist affair. But in spite of the appearance of impartiality, it was still perceived as a German initiative. When prominent NSB members assumed positions in the national honorary committee, the truth became clear to everyone. Winter Relief posters were plastered with slogans like 'Not a button from my briefs for Winter Relief'.

The vast majority of the population soon proved impossible to charm with any Nazi-slogan. The propaganda promises were simply too far removed from harsh reality to accomplish this. German interests, after all, were contradictory. The occupier strove to convert the 'German brother people' to National Socialism, while simultaneously enforcing a policy of repression and exploitation.

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