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Who were Miek Douw, Gerardus Azings Venema and Manuel van Loggem and what did they photograph? Until recently not a single digital image was available for several of the archives of the Nederlands Fotomuseum collection. The project Nederlandse fotografen vanaf 1839 (Dutch photographers since 1839) has made more than 1000 of these ‘invisible’ photographers accessible.

Wim K. Steffen, Cyclist riding against a headwind (1963).

The Nederlands Fotomuseum houses a major part of the history of Dutch photography. In addition to more than 3.5 million negatives and slides it also has thousands of prints, photo albums and photobooks from more than 150 Dutch photographers.

‘Dutch Photographers’ takes you on a journey through Dutch photography; from early amateur photos from around 1900 to the highlights of the New Photography.

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