Pamphlets and offprints from the Multatuli Museum

A collection of the Multatuli Huis

Portrait Eduard Douwes Dekker
“Multatuli,” W.F. Hermans states in his biography of the author, De Raadselachtige Multatuli (The Incomprehensible Multatuli) in 1976, “[is] undoubtedly the only Dutch writer who has remained interesting for over a century." Many years later, we can safely state that Multatuli, pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker (1860-1920), will continue to fascinate us for many more years to come. His exceptional writings, turbulent life and lasting battle against injustice is indeed attracting new generations of readers.

This collection features some 600 publications by and on Multatuli. On view are several episodes of his famous Ideas, and skirmishes on paper between the author and his adversaries. The original documents are kept at the Multatuli Museum in Amsterdam.

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