1975-2001: Dutch History Photo Commissions > Document the Netherlands: Villa Vinex - Bart Sorgedrager photographs Leidsche Rijn

Document Nederland: Villa Vinex - Bart Sorgedrager fotografeert Leidsche Rijn, 1998-2001, fotograaf Sorgedrager

Exhibition: 2001

Stop-over or dream house. People each have their own reasons to move to a Vinex neighbourhood. The six families followed by photographer Bart Sorgedrager during a one year period when they moved to the Langerak II neighbourhood, part of Vinex location Leidsche Rijn, are in general happy with their new spot. Even if they are disappointed by the lack of parking spaces and crèches. Sorgedrager photographed them in their old as well as in their new houses.

Vinex is short for Vierde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening Extra (Fourth Memorandum on Spatial Planning, Extra) the governmental memorandum from 1993 that initiated the biggest house-building operation since the Second World War: 635.000 new houses distributed over twenty-six locations. Round 2005 everything has to be ready. Most of the houses are built close to towns, to lure the sections of the population with great purchasing power back to them.

This is part of a series the Rijksmuseum's Dutch History Department organises in conjunction with the daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad under the title “ Document the Netherlands ”.

Bart Sorgedrager

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