Schagerweg 97-B
1750AA Schagerbrug
Zijper Museum

Zijper Museum

The Zijper museum is situated in Schagerbrug, municipality Zijpe. The Zijpe Museum employs changing themed exhibitions (among other things) to illustrate the history of the diking in of Zijpe and the old coastal village of Petten.

Visitors to the museum can, among other things, browse through complete volumes of the Schager Cournant and Zijper Courant (available digitally), view municipal registers of Zijpe, Callantsoog and Petten, and look at many historical photos.

The Zijper Museum was established in 1973. With the help of some thirty volunteers, the municipal Committee Zijper Museum is responsible for both running the museum and managing its collection. Until the 31st of October 1999, the Zijper Museum was called 'Oudheidkamer Zijpe'.

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