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Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen

Since 1923, the Dutch Mill Association has worked for the conservation and preservation of windmills and watermills in the Netherlands with the aim of maintaining them in working order.
The Association plays an advisory, educational, mediating and stimulating role with regard to its mission. It endeavors to bring mills and their conservation to the attention of the greatest possible number of people. A few examples of the activities developed for this purpose are the publication of the monthly magazine Molens (Mills) and the annual Mill Day and Mill Contact Day.

The Association maintains a detailed website that includes the latest news, a list of future events, theme files, a catalogue of mills, an online shop and various background information. In September 2009, the Association set up the documentation centre Allemolens.nl with the objective of creating an interactive website including all available information on mills, their description and historic background.

The Dutch Mill Association is managed by a committee that is assisted by the Molenadviesraad (Mill Advisory Body), consisting of representatives of national, provincial and regional mill organizations.

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