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2517 HV Den Haag
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Museon in The Hague is a popular scientific museum. It is responsible for varied collections in fields ranging from natural history and technology to archaeology, history and cultural anthropology. Together these collections total more than 260,000 objects.

Museon, founded in 1904 under the name of Museum ten bate van het Onderwijs (Museum in aid of education), has had a strongly educational mission from the very beginning. Not only does it have much to offer in the field of education, Museon wants to communicate with the public at large by means of exhibitions and programs that are educative and attractive at the same time; the words Speelruimte voor kennis (playground for knowledge) serve as motto for these activities. Museon’s objectives are knowledge transfer about man in relation with nature and culture and making information accessible to the public about topical themes and developments in science and society.

Exhibitions are presented in layers in order to appeal to all age categories. This helps parents and children engage in a shared experience by getting them to talk together about the subject of the exhibition. Thanks to the selected themes, the authentic exhibits, the interactive set-up and the multimedia approach, Museon always has something exciting, pleasant or interesting on offer for young and old.

Examples from this collection Drawings from the camps in the occupied Dutch East Indies (1942-1945)

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