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The Dutch National Socialist Movement (NSB), founded in 1931, created a large number of posters. What could not be realised by democratic means and election campaigns, now had to succeed: a National Socialist Holland headed by 'Leader' Anton Mussert. With Europe dominated by Germany and fascist Italy, he was to provide the Netherlands with a prominent international position.

The NSB had a strong presence. Posters with texts like "Mussert fights for the Netherlands' place in the New Europe. Join the fight!", the population was encouraged to take sides with the NSB. The Weerafdeling, the party's assault group, took to the streets to hang up the movement's posters wherever possible.

Mayors tried to put an end to this by issuing police ordinances. But Mussert's followers knew they had the German occupier's support. On 2 April 1941, the German authorities ordered all municipalities to 'make all surfaces suitable for propaganda available to the NSB.'

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