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In 1941, the National Socialist propaganda machine had gained momentum. From that moment on, the German occupier put a great deal of care and attention into spreading the National Socialist message by way of posters.

The Dutch 'sister nation' was called on to join forces with Hitler Germany and take up arms against the enemies of the Third Reich. Recruiting posters encouraged young Dutchmen to enlist in the Waffen SS. The blessings of Hitler's National Socialism were pictured extensively both in words and in images. An onslaught of continuously returning propaganda was unleashed on the population. Dutch Jews were stigmatised and were to be wholly expelled from social life.

To the Germans' chagrin, it became a national pastime in the Netherlands to tear down as many political posters as possible, or to plaster them with slogans like OZO ('Orange will prevail'), RAF (Royal Air Force), or simply a large W (for Queen Wilhelmina). On the poster: "V=Victory, because Germany is winning for Europe on all fronts", one inhabitant of Amsterdam wrote: "Please don't bother on my account".


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