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Yours, Douwes Dekker

Kijk, die Sneeker steelt myn hart! Honderd mannen die handelen zooals hy schryft, en we veranderen den heelen boêl (Look, that man from Sneek is stealing my hart! A hundred men acting like he writes, and we will change everything).
These intriguing sentences were written by Multatuli to the Deventer Professor Johannes van Vloten in 1868. The historic letter is now part of the collection of the extensive 19th and 20th century literary archives of the Deventer Municipal Archives and Athenaeum Library, referred to here as SAB, the acronym of Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek.

This website gives you the opportunity to view numerous unique documents from the SAB archives. Visitors can read letters from well known Dutch writers, poets and scholars like Nicolaas Beets, C. Busken Huet, E.J. Potgieter, Klikspaan and Adriaan Roland Holst. The archives of the Deventer author Herman Korteling are particularly worthwhile for those who are interested in the literary history of the Low Saxon language as it was once spoken in the eastern part of the Netherlands and in neighboring regions of Germany.

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