Come and see! Puppetry in pictures.

A collection of the Poppenspe(e)lmuseum

Jumping Jacks, 19th century Almost 4,000 photographs, posters, prints and cardboard theatre sets and backdrops have been selected from the collections of the Puppetry Museum (Poppenspe(e)lmuseum). The photographs and posters give an impression of the modern puppet and object theatre in the 1970s and 80s. The prints paint a comprehensive picture of (international) folk puppetry with puppets ranging from Jan Klaassen (the Dutch Mr Punch) and his cousins from abroad to Semar, the clown in the Indonesian wayang play. The theatre sets and backdrops call to mind a pastime that was popular around 1900. Together they give an overview of puppet, figure and object theatre in the Netherlands in the past two hundred years.

Examples from this collection Come and see! Puppetry in pictures.

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