Alexander Ver Huell, illustrator

A collection of the Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken

Alexander Ver Huell (1822-1897) was a special man in the nineteenth century cultural-literary world. With his humorous representation of Leiden's student life in word and image he became known to a large audience. Ver Huell, together with humorist Jan Kneppelhout, is among the most important representatives of the romantic flow in Leiden's student life.

‘Een hoog weekboekje’ in Zoo zijn er!: sketches of students, 1877

From 1844 Ver Huell published various stories, including the Student Almanac, but he made his name as a draftsman. In 1840 he was asked by Kneppelhout - better known as his pseudonym, Clickspaan - as illustrator for his Student Type. Other titles, such as Zoo zijn er! and On the ice did not remain unnoticed. With the latter edition, from which sketches in the French magazine l'Illustration were published, he acquired international fame. In this collection are countless beautiful illustrations by Ver Huell can be seen.

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