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Naturalis Biodiversity Center

The National Natural History Museum Naturalis (in full: Naturalis Biodiversity Center) in Leiden makes knowledge on nature, its great diversity and beauty, accessible to a wide audience. More than 10,000 real animals, plants, rocks and fossils from all over the world tell the story of our planet. From dinosaurs to birds of paradise and from mammoths to giant crabs.

Naturalis works on biodiversity - with a huge world-class collection and a combination of teaching, research, educating the general public and individual experience.
Naturalis is also part of an academic working group in which the universities of Leiden, Amsterdam and Wageningen jointly do research. It provides a home for science and the collections, for education and for the general public.

The Naturalis museum provides the general public with easy access to knowledge on nature and its huge diversity and beauty. It also provides insight into the processes going on in nature. The museum is a focal point for the public to gain information and experience from exhibitions here and at other locations, and also at a distance via webcams, digital lessons and websites.
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