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Museum Oud Amelisweerd (MOA)

The Armando Collection in MOA Museum Oud Amelisweerd

Since its opening on 8 December 1988, the Armando Museum was housed in Amersfoort. Due to a fire en budget cuts by the Amersfoort City Council, the museum needed to relocate elsewhere. New housing was found at the historical estate Oud Amelisweerd.

MOA Museum Oud Amelisweerd lets its visitors experience the estate as a total work of art, with three unique collections: a historical estate, the Armando Collection and the collection Chinese wallpapers.

In 2013, MOA will open its doors for the public. A documentation centre in the attic of the Oud Amelisweerd country house will also be accessible. This centre will provide information about the life and work of Armando.

Examples from this collection Armando’s masterpieces

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