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Katholiek Documentatie Centrum

The Catholic Documentation Centre was founded in 1969 by the Catholic University in Nijmegen. Its objective is the preservation, collection and making accessible of documentation on catholic life in the Netherlands from the beginning of the nineteenth century up to the present day.

The KDC also offers assistance in scientific studies and wishes to encourage research into and publications about historical and current developments in Dutch Catholicism. Church life, school life, convent life, political and social life, family and youth life, mission life: all facets of the 'rich Roman Catholic life' are illustrated by the collections of the KDC.

The KDC is made up of three departments: the Archive, the Library and the department Catholic Life in Images and sounds (KLiB). A large part of the objects preserved by the KLiB department are on display in this collection of The Memory of the Netherlands.

Examples from this collection Catholic life in images

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