Van Wevelinkhovenstraat
8021WX Zwolle
tel: 038-426 6300
fax: 038-426 6333
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Historisch Centrum Overijssel

The Historical Center Overijssel is devoted to making  history a living element of Dutch society. A city or region's identity is strengthened by a solid awareness of its past. The bond between the province of Overijssel and its residents can be intensified by an increased knowledge of the area's history.

Historical Center Overijssel provides resources on important developments and events in the regional history of Overijssel. Nine floors (depots) accomodate almost twenty kilometers of archives, and collections from all over Overijssel and from the city of Zwolle. The HCO makes regional history accessible to the general public. In the multifunctional History Hall, the knowledge center, the history shop, the auditorium and the reading cafe, history can be studied, lived through, dicussed, listened to and seen.



Examples from this collection Stork photo collection, 1868-1968

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