Dutch legal history at the Prison Museum

A collection of the Gevangenismuseum


Bezoek aan de gevangen echtgenoot en vader

The data bank of the NCRD (Netherlands Documentation Centre for Legal History and Legal Iconography) includes literature and visual material on Dutch legal history. Its iconographic section, including approximately 12,000 pictures, is now part of The Memory.

The visual material includes:

  • Old Dutch Law (all the laws in force on the territory of the present Netherlands, from Roman-Germanic times until around 1940);
  • Roman law (canon and other European laws that influenced the Dutch legal system);
  • Surinamese, Antillean, South-African and Indonesian law.

The collection is of interest not only to jurists, but also to historians, political scientists, art historians, students and anybody interested in history in general.

Examples from this collection Dutch legal history at the Prison Museum

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