Oude Gracht 1
9341 AA Veenhuizen
tel: 0592 - 38 82 64
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The Prison Museum of Veenhuizen is a modern, interactive museum, covering the legal system, and crime and punishment in the Netherlands from the seventeenth century onwards. Its collection illustrates all the landmarks in the Dutch history of crime, justice and punishment.

The museum also brings to life Veenhuizen’s unique past as Pauperparadijs (Paupers’ Paradise) and Justice Village. It is housed in an unusual building: the last remaining penitentiary institution of the Charity Society, dating back to 1923. Up to 1984, access to Veenhuizen was prohibited to everyone not having special authorization from the Department of Justice.
The Prison Museum’s premises, together with its permanent and special exhibitions, give visitors an insight into actual prison conditions.

Examples from this collection Dutch legal history at the Prison Museum

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