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Speeches held by members, works for the stage, historical treatises on the city of Dordrecht and lovely images: this website offers a compilation of exceptional material originating from the library and the archives of Diversa sed Una (Latin for Unity in Diversity). The library of DsU is one of the few libraries of literary societies that have survived intact.

Van Peeren’s theatre on Wijnstraat, that accommodated the Society Diversa sed Una from 1823 till 1873

Thanks to this library we know what our ancestors read: the work of authors like Bilderdijk, Ten Kate, Van Lennep and Tollens for instance, and books on linguistics and literature, history, geography and ethnology (the exact sciences were much less popular). Next to material from the library, the site also incorporates documents from the DsU archives. This is of interest for those who wish to know the exact nature of a literary society like DsU, who its members were and what kind of books were included in the library… and read.

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