Correspondence of the writer and painter Jacobus van Looy

A collection of the Stichting Jacobus van Looy

Jacobus van Looy maintained a lively correspondence with many contemporary painters, writers and artists. It is therefore not surprising that the present collection of some 1,575 letters conveys an interesting picture of the art world in the Netherlands between 1875 and 1930.

Jacobus van Looy belonged to the ‘Eighties Movement’, which called for a revival of arts and literature in the Netherlands. The collection includes digitized letters from other members of the movement, such as Albert Verwey, Willem Kloos, Willem Witsen and Lodewijk van Deyssel. These letters clearly reflect the developments within the Eighties Movement.

The digitized correspondence of Jacobus van Looy consists of letters, postcards, telegrams and picture postcards. They are the property of the Jacobus van Looy Foundation, which was established after the death of his wife Titia.

The whole correspondence is in the care of the Letterkundig Museum (Literary Museum) in The Hague.

Examples from this collection Correspondence of the writer and painter Jacobus van Looy

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